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Tennessee Valley Home Improvements offers as many services as there are ways for storms to damage your home. We've listed a few of the major categories which occupy much of our attention.


Storm Damage Repairs
When you think of storm damage, fallen trees and hail may come to mind. However, the damage that occurs can be much deeper than the obvious problem of a tree on your roof or holes in your windows. Water can enter through a damaged roof and seep into walls and floors, creating significant water damage. Sections of walls may need to be rebuilt or re-insulated. Load-bearing joists, away from the immediate impact site, may have been damaged. Our thorough free no-obligation inspections will uncover the full extent of the damage to your home. We also negotiate with your insurance company to ensure they cover all the necessary repairs.


Sinkhole Repairs
Sinkholes are common in the South Eastern United States, primarily in Tennessee and Florida. This is due to a combination of geological factors, annual rainfall, and the impact of people draining natural aquifers for drinking water and agriculture. Sinkholes can cause a variety of damage from cracking foundations to destabilizing an entire structure. Because the crew at Tennessee Valley Home Improvements has spent the majority of their careers in Florida and Tennessee, they have seen a lot of sinkholes and are experts in repairing sinkhole damage. Just as important, they know how to negotiate with insurance companies to cover sinkhole damage, which is sometimes contested.


Flood Remediation
Floods can be one of the most devastating natural disasters to affect your home. They can come with other storm damage or cause plenty of trouble by themselves. Tennessee Valley Home Improvements knows how to bring your home back from a flood, step by step, beginning with clean up and disposal and ending with repair and restoration. It's a methodical and tedious job if done properly, but we are patient and will make sure your home is returned to it's original condition or better.


Roofing Repair & Installation
Many different events can cause damage to your roof, including storm damage, sinkholes, fire and more. Most parts of your home depend on the roof for protection. It's essential that it is well installed and in good repair. To ensure each and every roofing project gets the special expertise it deserves, we have a dedicated team of subcontractors who work with us on a daily basis to serve our customers' roofing needs. Our roofing crews have high standards, use high quality products and work quickly to insure your home is protected now and for many years to come.


In addition to the other services Tennessee Valley Home Improvements provides, we are experts in interior and exterior paint. Because paint color and quality make such a big impact in the home, we ensure all prep work is done thoroughly, and offer a full range of finishes depending on your vision. We are well-organized, prompt, and professional, ensuring even the biggest paint jobs cause you the least inconvenience and offers you customized results.


Interior Remodeling
Whether you need interior remodeling due to storm damage, or simply to create your dream home, Tennessee Valley Home Improvements is ready to assist you. We can build additions, update kitchens and bathrooms, lay new flooring, install new windows, and more. As with all other TVHI services, you can feel sure that our estimates are accurate and fair and the work is both quick and top quality.

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