Family Owned & Locally Operated | GC license #66532

Chattanooga (423) 605-4555 | Nashville 615-984-4343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • A Tennessee Company
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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

There are a lot of great reasons to choose Tennessee Valley Home Improvements, like our specialty in handling insurance claims, earnest and genuine approach to business, and top quality workmanship. Here are our Top Ten reasons for why you should pick TVHI for your next home remodeling project:


1. We are insurance claim specialists. With TVHI, every aspect of a project that should be covered will be accounted for and covered by your insurance company. We know how the system works and make sure we do our part to insure your full recovery.


2. We maximize the amount you get for your deductible. We have experience in negotiating with insurance companies to ensure you never have to pay extra to complete approved repairs.


3. We save you money with our standardized cost estimator program. Labor and material costs fluctuate, but our estimator guarantees you a fair and accurate deal on any size project.


4. We communicate with you from start to finish. Keeping you in the loop is the best way to do business and create a finished product that is 100% satisfactory.


5. You will have a dedicated project manager. He's your link to our team, keeping you informed and up to date while coordinating each step of the project.


6. We are a team of experts. Each of us has decades of experience in our specific trades and fields, and we bring that together to serve you.


7. We are friendly, sincere, and honest. At TVHI, we know how important it is to be able to look our customer in the eye, and that's why we earnestly give you our very best.


8. We are dedicated to the Chattanooga community. We don't just work here-- we are locals invested in this community as parents, friends, and neighbors.


9. We want to pass on a great legacy. This business was created by a father and son team, and we want to give a reputation of hard work, honesty, and craftsmanship to the next generation.


10. We can fix any problem. We have the comprehensive ability to take on any and all projects, from basic remodeling to complex damage from wind, hail, sink holes, floods, and more.

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